Modders From Brazil Upgrade GeForce RTX 2080 Memory To 16GB

Brazilian modders have released a new modification, enhancing the capabilities of the RTX 2080 in modern games. The Paulo Gomes team fulfilled a client’s request to double the memory capacity from 8GB to a larger size. The client provided the necessary memory, easing the task for the skilled team.


In the competitive world of GPU modding, the initial investigation involved searching for any prior attempts at this modification. Despite multiple inquiries, no results or information about previous endeavors were uncovered.

RTX2080 16GB MOD

Just a reminder, the RTX 2080 (non-SUPER) was released in 2018, featuring the full-spec Turing TU104-400 GPU. The card boasts 2944 CUDA cores and comes equipped with 8GB of GDDR6 memory on a 256-bit memory bus.

RTX2080 8GB to 16GB MOD

The modification process is relatively simple, encompassing the removal of the old memory and the soldering of the new memory into place. Furthermore, adjusting the jumpers, as indicated above, is necessary to trick the GPU into recognizing the new memory type.

RTX2080 16GB

Once everything is executed accurately, software such as GPU-Z should display the updated VRAM capacity, which in this instance is 16384 MB. As depicted, the card functions seamlessly with the standard WHQL drivers, requiring no additional software modifications. This is crucial to ensure the customer experiences no issues using the card as it was originally intended.

Interestingly, the 16GB modification didn’t significantly enhance gaming performance. These observations stem from a specific title, Resident Evil 4, recognized for its demanding memory needs. While there was noticeable improvement in the 1% low framerate, the overall impact on the average framerate was not substantial.