Modern Warfare – How to Reverse Boost and Get Easy Lobbies

Have you been playing modern welfare, the multiplayer mode in COD off-lately? We know that game gets you hooked from the first scene. The AI mechanism and algorithm fixes you up against the most skilled player if you are one of them too.

However, if you are a terrible player, expect yourself to be teamed up against a similar one. If you played in the last few games despite being an awful player, you would still be teamed up against those who are good at killing.

To negate this AI trick in the modern welfare gameplay of COD, you need to have the reverse boosts ready.

What does the reserve boost do for you?

Whenever you are on a hot streak, the AI will re-engineer the algorithm to set you up against better players. It can mess up your scorecard all of a sudden. The reverse boost brings your gameplay back to the average level.

It makes the AI algorithms running at the back think that you are a worse player. Therefore, there are specific hacks and tips to follow to try this reverse boosting and get comfortable lobby.

Play 3-6 bad matches

Pretend to be bad for 3 to 6 games. This will force the AI to think that your level dropped. It will set up bad opponents for you from next time then.

Miss the hits

Pretending to play badly isn’t easy when you love hitting the enemy right on the spot. When you are a sniper or a shooter, it’s the most important thing to do. However, to get an easy lobby from the next time, you have to miss some hits purposefully.

Try hitting near the opponent for once or twice.

Get shot or be dead

You can try to lose a few matches in one of the gameplays. It can be either by getting shot or be dead. For this, your health line must come to completely nil or zero. And to achieve that, you have to get shot a lot by regular guns or rifles used by your enemies.

To do so, you can stand in front of the enemy and play dumb. Or go around searching for the enemy when you can’t find him nearby. Or else, you can stand up front in the most exposed areas. This will make the priority on the enemy’s hit list. Then, getting shot by someone from the opposite team would be somewhat easier.

However, apart from playing a player who doesn’t know a single thing about the gameplay, it’s best that you use the skins or camos that are for the CoD MW boost.

Choose the different camo styles while selecting the weaponry from the trustable COD weapon store online.


This camo will paint you green. It helps you become invisible in the forest. If you get your hitting and shooting strategy right, you can deal with the toughest players using this camo. They will not locate you easily.


It’s the best camo for the weapons out there. It helps your weapons to become harder to get noticed by the opponents. They won’t know which weapon you are using. Therefore, they don’t get time to have a counterattack ready when you are about to hit them.


You can buy this CoD MW boost with the CoD points in your account as other boosts. This boost helps to cover your face with the paint in the contrast of the background. Therefore, that’s another strategy to follow to make it harder for your enemies to take notice of you in the battleground.

Then, you can strategically plan and execute the hunting and killing episodes in the Modern Welfare lobbies.


Each camo has different skin types. They get unlocked for purchase after you attain a certain level in the game. You can read more about this on the online guides.

But pretending to be a bad player is the best tip online to start the reverse boosting in Modern Welfare. However, this method is fickle because you have to start running a good game again, re-engineering the AI again.

To break this loop, you can always depend on the camo to buy online. These camo styles help you fight off the most difficult opponents when you do not want to play like a bad player.