MonsterLabo Introduces Their New Fanless Gaming PC Chassis, The Beast

MonsterLabo is best known for its fanless PC gaming chassis, and it has announced its new gaming chassis, The Beast. The Beast doesn’t require any fans, making it distinct among all the chassis available in the market.

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As a replacement for fans, ten 6mm copper pipes are connected to two aluminum heatsinks weighing 3kg. These heatsinks are mounted to the inside of the chassis and connect to the CPU and GPU, providing a fanless system if the TDP remains below 300W.

In case you require cooling fans, the case can support two 140mm fans operating at 500 RPM speed raising the cooling TDP to 500W.

Glass and 6mm thick aluminum are used to make the chassis, making it a premium offering for a gaming PC or an office PC. MosterLabos logo is featured on the front panel of the PC case.

MonsterLabo states that this case is capable of cooling NVIDIA’s RTX 30 series “Ampere” graphics card.

As far as the compatibility is concerned, the case supports almost any motherboard ranging from Mini-ITX to ATX. A graphic card of up to 290mm can be installed. The case also features up to four 3.5″ drives or eight SSD 2.5″ bays along with the support for up to an ATX power supply.

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The front IO provided by The Beast includes a USB Type-C port, Two USB 2.0 ports, and two USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports.

As per the released projected timeline by MonsterLabo, the preorders for the chassis will start from October 9 and end on December 31. The company hasn’t released the price yet.

Via Monsterlabo