Sony PlayStation 4 game saves unlikely to work on PlayStation 5 at all

Sony has been revealing information about the PlayStation 5 in bits and pieces. For now, it is not looking very good for the next-gen Sony console. New concerns about the details of the backward compatibility of the PlayStation 5 are now emerging, and they all hint at game saves not being carried over. Read on!

Sony has confirmed that 99% of the PlayStation 4 library will work on the PlayStation 5, but the details about the backward compatibility make it sound like it won’t be a flawless process. For starters, Sony had revealed that the Spider-Man remaster for PS5 will not let you carry over the game saves from the PS4 version. Now Yakuza: Like a Dragon developer, RGG Studio, has confirmed the same for the game:

On the other hand, Xbox seems to be nailing cross-generation play and backward compatibility. SEGA Comms Manager Jonathon Stebel confirmed the save data for Yakuza will work as expected on the new-gen Xbox consoles:

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Via Wccftech

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