Mophie Juice Pack Air Review


I have been using the Juice Pack Air for a few days and I really like it. One thing I did notice though was that using the Juice Pack Air does add a little weight and size to the overall iPhone, but it is nothing that should bother you that much. Remember the Juice Pack Air is the world’s thinnest Apple certified “Works With iPhone” external battery for iPhone 3G.

You can keep the Juice Pack Air in standby mode until your phone is almost out of power then flip the switch to recharge the battery on your iPhone. The 1200mAh lithium polymer battery will give you about 270 hours of standby time, 4.5 hours of talk time, 4.5 hours of internet use, 20 hours of music playback and up to 6 hours of video playback (iPhone 3G). So it is basically like having an entire 2nd battery.

Mophie Juice Pack Air Mophie Juice Pack Air

Charging the Juice Pack Air takes just about as long to charge your iPhone, 2.5 hours from a dead charge. Just plug in the USB cable to charge it, also while you have the USB cable plugged in your can sync your iPhone as well so you don’t have to take it out of the Juice Pack Air.

Final Thoughts

I have seen many iPhone battery packs and this is one of my favorites. I like it a lot better than the previous versions of the Juice Pack because it provides total protection of your iPhone not just the bottom. So with the Juice Pack Air you are not only getting an iPhone battery pack, but a protective case as well. The only downfall to this design is that you are losing battery size, the battery on the Juice Pack 3G is 50 percent bigger than this one.

I can really see where a device like this could come in handy. Each year we travel to CES and a device like this would be a life saver because each day of the show we are there from when the doors open till late at night so having essentially 2 batteries would be key. Another great use would be long flights where you are using the iPhone to watch video.

The Juice Pack Air sells for $79.95, which is $20 cheaper than the Juice Pack 3G, but remember you are getting 50 percent less battery. I think the Juice Pack Air is a good complement of an extra battery along with an iPhone Case. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Mophie Juice Pack Air a 10 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!

rating10 10 small TC award recommended small


– Very thin and compact
– Both a case and battery
– Easy to use
– Can sync iPhone while in cradle


– None that I found


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