Nitrox iConn+ iPhone Battery Case Review

One thing many iPhone users have complained about is the battery. If you are using mobile web, GPS, or an app that using the internet you will see your battery life start to die very quickly. For this reason many companies have made charging packing and iPhone cases that have batteries in them to charge your iPhone. Today we will be looking at the iConn+ iPhone Battery Case from Nitrox, a newcomer to the iPhone accessory market. Let’s take a look…

Special thanks to Nitrox fro providing us with the iConn+ iPhone Battery Case to review.

Simple – Easy to use. Simply clip your iPhone into the Nitrox iConn case and you’re done
Elegant – The Nitrox iConn’s stylish and elegant case design fully protects your iPhone making physical damage a thing of the pas
Battery – The Nitrox iConn increases your 3G surfing time by 5 hours and talk time by 8 hours. Now you can utilize the iPhone’s features to the fullest and never again worry about limited battery life
Certified – The Nitrox iConn is certified for the Apple “Works with iPhone” product certification

Model: Nitrox iconn+ case/charger
Length x Width x Height: 66x137x22mm
Net weight: 88 grams
Power Input: 5V/1Amp (Max)
Power Output: 5V/500mA(Typical)
Battery: Li-polymer 3.7V/1200mA perh

The iConn+ comes in a clear retail package that shows you what the case actually looks like before you buy it. On the back there is a list of features.

Nitrox iConn+ iPhone Battery Case Nitrox iConn+ iPhone Battery Case

Inside the retail package you will find a USB cable, instructions and of course the iConn+ case.

Nitrox iConn+ iPhone Battery Case

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