More Leaked Windows 9 Screenshots Revealed

A couple more Windows 9 “Threshold” screenshots have emerged online. While the about Windows section in the second images still says it is Windows 8.1 Pro, it is said that this is expected to persist until Microsoft actually decides what to call the Windows Threshold project. The first image shows that Metro Apps will be able to run on the Windows desktop in a traditional window.

Windows 9 Screenshot

The second leaked image shows the new Start Menu that will also feature a metro-like interface with live tiles, we had already revealed this last week. You can also see that you will be able to easy search for applications and have a list of them. There are also shut down and power options much like you would find in Windows 7.

Windows 9 Screenshot

If these two images turn out to be legit then desktop users are definitely going to be happy with this version of Windows. What do you guys think?

Source: Myce | News Archive

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