Moshi Kameleon Kickstand iPhone Case Review

Installation & Usage
Getting your iPhone inside the Moshi Kameleon is quite easy as it just slides in with a little bit of force. With the case on my iPhone the first thing I noticed was the raised bezel around the screen. This for some reason is something that many cases lack. This provides great protection if you happen to drop your phone or even if you set your phone face-down.

Moshi Kameleon

Picking up the phone with the case attached it feels good. It is not overly large, but feels solid like I will have good protection for my iPhone. The material on the back of the case makes picking up my iPhone easy and comfortable.

Moshi Kameleon

Flipping out the kickstand I am easily able to set my phone up to watch YouTube videos in landscape mode, but even better is that I can use the kickstand to make FaceTime calls in portrait mode. There have been so many times that I’ve had to set my phone up against a bottle of water or something else. Now with the Kameleon I don’t have to deal with that since I have the kickstand!

Moshi Kameleon

I have been using the Moshi Kameleon for well over a month now and it is still on my iPhone, which means I like it, it protects my phone, and I actually use the kickstand. Over this time I’ve dropped my phone multiple times and there has not been any damage to the phone or screen.

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