Motherboard Makers Optimistic about High Price-Performance Ratio of AMD Ryzen

It is expected that AMD Ryzen, the high performance processor based on AMD’s “Zen” micro-architecture, will increase AMD’s overall market-share of the desktop CPU market in Q2-2017. This is according to sources from motherboard manufacturers, in a report by DigiTimes. In the report it says that motherboard manufacturers are “optimistic about [Ryzen’s] high price/performance ratio,” which is prompting them to ramp up orders of motherboards for the new platform.


According to the same report, the new platform built around AMD Ryzen will be officially released by the end of February 2017, and will enter global mass shipments in March. This will help increase AMD’s desktop processor market share in the following quarter. Vendors are sourcing high-end X370, mid-range B350, and entry-level A320 chipsets from AMD. Their new product designs (motherboards) are in the final stage of related testing. AMD’s A320 and B350 chipsets have already been launched to support 7th generation A-Series “Bristol Ridge” APUs.

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