MSI, Gigabyte and ASUS GTX 1650 Cards Leaked

It looks like many NVIDIA add-in partners are gearing up for the launch of the $149 GeForce GTX 1650. This launch is entirely partner-driver so there will not be any reference cards. Today we have leaks from MSI, Gigabyte, and MSI.

Starting with MSI they will have three cards which include the Gaming X OC, VENTUS XS OC, and an ITX solutuion called the GTX 1650 AERO ITX, which sports a DVI connector.

msi gtx1650 1 msi gtx1650 3 msi gtx1650 2

Gigabyte will have four cards, they include the GAMING OC (included LED lighting, 265 mm), WINDFORCE OC (no RGB lighting, 229 mm), the 1650 OC (1680 MHz Boost), and finally the MINI ITX OC (152 mm, single fan).

gigabyte gtx1650 1 gigabyte gtx1650 2 gigabyte gtx1650 3 gigabyte gtx1650 4

ASUS also has three models, which include the ROG Strix OC (with LED lighting), GTX 1650 4GB DUAL, and the GTX 1650 Phoenix.

asus gtx1650 2 asus gtx1650 1 asus gtx1650 3

Via VideoCardz

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