MSI Introduces the PRO MP242 Monitor Series

MSI has announced its new Pro MP242 monitor series. It is made for both commercial and professional use and features three models, the PRO MP242, the PRO MP242V, and the PRO MP242P. All these monitors share the same specifications, while the PRO MP242P features a different stand.

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As for the features, all three monitors feature the same 23.8 inch screen that features an HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 ). Moreover, they also share the same connectivity ports, HDMI, and D-Sub. The video ports also support dual sources, providing flexibility to users who may use two machines through a single screen; two computers, and a console. The HDMI ports in the PRO MP242 and the PRO MP242V offer a 75Hz refresh rate, while the D-Sub port offers a 60 Hz refresh rate.

The only difference between the monitors is the stand provided. The PRO MP242 and PRO MP242V share the same stand that features tilt adjustment from -3° up to 21°. On the other hand, the Pro MP242P stand features a 120mm height adjustment, Pivot(-90° up to 90°.), Swivel(-30° up to 30° ), and Tilt adjustments. The provided pivot adjustment allows the monitor to be set vertically with the thicker bevel on either side, making it a perfect secondary monitor for streamers, professional coders, or in short, for all those who require ample of reading space.

EE6FBB45 05AA 48F1 AA41 59F15123CF87MSI hasn’t announced any pricing details or the availability date yet.

Via Msi