MSI Is Preparing AMD B650 Motherboard With ATX12VO Standard

MSI has detailed its intention to integrate the ATX12VO standard into two forthcoming motherboards. In lieu of the conventional 24-pin power connector, the company is adopting a more streamlined 10-pin connector. This change not only decreases the connector’s size but also introduces benefits in delivering 12V power to motherboards.

During conversations with HardwareLuxx about the 2024 product updates, MSI presented its “Project Zero,” which introduces a fresh range of motherboards with connectors for power and interfaces placed on the opposite side. Furthermore, MSI is considering incorporating the ATX12VO power standard into specific motherboards.


The ATX12VO standard facilitates more effective DC power conversion, enabling the motherboard to manage the shift from 12 volts to 3.3 and 5 volts. This transfer of responsibility from the power supply to the motherboard can result in economical power supply designs. Despite collaboration among motherboard manufacturers, power supply firms, and Intel driving the adoption of this standard, a report suggests it remains somewhat specialized, with prices that are difficult to warrant.

Estimates indicate that the ATX12VO standard might deliver a 30% improvement in power efficiency and a 23% decrease in power consumption during heavy loads. Furthermore, the reduced size of the 12V power supply creates opportunities for innovative form factors.


Image: Anandtech

According to HardwareLuxx, MSI’s forthcoming releases encompass the PRO H610M 12VO tailored for Intel LGA1700 processors and the MSI PRO B650 12VO motherboard designed for the AMD AM5 socket. Additionally, there are intentions to introduce a 12V power supply compatible with this standard.

In a technology showcase, a fully equipped system was presented, highlighting an FSP ATX12VO power supply. This display demonstrated the capabilities of an ATX12VO system in a confined space, accommodating even a bulky graphics card.

Source & Images:  HardwareLuxx