MSI Liquid Coolers Now Support Intel’s LGA 1700 Socket

With Intel on the brink of launching its next-gen CPUs, MSI has just announced that all of its liquid cooler lines will support the upcoming socket type. The MSI Coolers are expected to facilitate the up gradation of the CPUs. New CPUs require new types of sockets, the liquid coolers make sure that the socket is already included or is easily obtainable by the users.

Intel’s LGA 1700 socket will be supported by all MSI liquid coolers. The MSI liquid coolers already include sockets for MAG CORELIQUID C Series, MEG CORELIQUID S Series, and MAG CORELIQUID P Series. The company has also released instructions on how to obtain an LGA 1700 bracket for the MPG CORELIQUID K Series and MAG CORELIQUID R Series.


MSI has also confirmed the launch of the second version of the MAG CORELIQUID R Series and MPG CORELIQUID K Series in October. All models of version 2 will come along with the LGA 1700 brackets. To avoid any confusion, the boxes will come with labels of Version 2 attached to them.

Via Msi