MSI Teases Its MEG Z690 Ace Motherboard And New MPG and MAG Series

MSI has just teased the Z690 lineup. Some recent photographs released by the company show off the new motherboard series MEG, MPG, and MAG.

MSI Z690 2 1

The new Z690 lineup features:

•MEG ACE motherboard with gold accents.

•MAG Tomahawk board.

•MPG series based unknown model.

The photos of these three motherboards were posted by MSI Ukraine recently. Based on the Z690 chipset, these latest motherboards are made for the most awaited “Alder Lake”, the Intel 12th Gen Core series processor.

The lineup is confirmed to be launched in November.

Tech-leaker @momomo_us posted the specs of the new MSI motherboards on Twitter. Reportedly MSI has decided that MEG Ace is going to be the flagship model, perhaps the enthusiast model MEG Godlike will be launched after that.

MSI will also launch the MEG Unify series, based on sleek black aesthetics ( not featured in the teaser). The MPG series (mid-range) on the other hand will incorporate Carbon Wifi, Edge Wifi, and a new type called Force Wifi. The MPG series will show a silver color scheme. However, it is ambiguous about which model was specifically shown in the teaser. It is reported that Tomahawk and Torpedo SKUs will be featured in the MAG series.

MSI Z690 Mini ITX

It seems that MEG and MPG series are the ones to exclusively support DDR5 memory. Although the other series like MAG and PRO which were not included in the teaser will feature DDR4 technology.

The company has decided to launch its latest motherboard lineup at a special exhibition named “The Next Playground”. The event is planned to take place on November 2nd.

Via Msi