Apple M1 Max First Benchmarks Leak Out

Benchmarks of the Apple M1 Max CPU have disclosed the performance of the chip in hyperthreaded as well as single Geekbench 5 test. Benchmarks of the 10 core CPU of Apple M1 Max reveal a 55% multithreaded upgrade as compared to the M1 chip.

Apple M1 CPU Benchmarks iMac 2021 820x452 1

Apple announced its most efficient chip called M1 Max CPU  during its recent MacBook Pro event and now we have a very clear picture of the specifications. Apple has branded an increase in performance over 70% as compared to the primary M1 chip but one should look forward to the unofficial and unbiased results to get a clear picture of how the chip performs.

In the benchmarks disclosed in the Geekbench 5 tests, M1 Max CPU scored 1749 points in the single-core tests whereas it bagged a total of 11542 points in multi-core tests in macOS 12.4.

When it comes to the comparison of the performances, the M1 CPU installed in Macbook pro 2020 comes with 8 cores on a macbook and maintains a clock speed of 3.2 GHz. The M1 Max possesses two additional cores and a faster clock speed on the 5nm process node of TSMC can also be observed. This has collectively resulted in a performance upgrade of 2-3 % in single-threaded tests but the CPU really outperforms in multi-threaded tests with a 55% increase in performance.

Apple M1 Max CPU Benchmark Leak

It would be unfair to have a comparison of the M1 Max chip with x86 from Intel and AMD as they were tested in either Windows 10 or 11. The Apple M1 MAX chip is rather more comparable to the Xeon W-3235 chip in the Macbook pro with 12 cores and  3.3GHz clock speed. M1 Max surpassed the level of  AMD ryzen 9 5800X, core i9-11900K and the core i9-11900K when it comes to multithreaded testing. All of the aforementioned models are listed in the database of the Geekbench 5 benchmark.

It would be a splendid showcase on the part of the M1Max chip as it comes with a power rating of 50-60W that comes along with a 32 core GPU.

Via Geekbench