MSI MPG 321URX 4K 240Hz QD-OLED Monitor To Launch This Month For $950

MSI plans to release the MPG 321URX QD-OLED monitor this month. While initially priced at $1199, the company has decided to permanently reduce it to $949, which was originally intended as a limited-time introductory offer.

In this significant context, ASUS and MSI are engaged in a fierce competition for the top spot in the 32-inch QD-OLED monitor market. ASUS led the charge with the release of its PG32UCDM monitor, priced at $1299. Now that the details are revealed, MSI has confirmed its monitor will be $350 cheaper.

It’s noteworthy that MSI prompted ASUS to extend the OLED burn-in warranty to three years. While ASUS initially announced a two-year extended warranty to tackle the OLED issue, they later matched MSI’s three-year warranty after MSI’s announcement.

The rivalry among manufacturers of 31-32 inch OLED gaming monitors is becoming increasingly intriguing. While some of the announced products were showcased at CES earlier this year, a few are already on the market. Companies are emphasizing features such as KVM switches, dual modes for 4K 240Hz and 1080p 480Hz, or the inclusion of DisplayPort 2.1 support – a long-overdue update, especially for monitors priced around $1,000.

A shared characteristic among all 4K OLED monitors is their notably high price, making them inaccessible for many gamers. Despite being hailed as the future resolution by GPU manufacturers a few years ago, it has evolved into an expensive niche. Achieving 240 frames on a 4K monitor demands a robust GPU or assistance from upscaling technology. Fortunately, most of these monitors offer variable refresh rates, mitigating concerns for gaming at lower framerates.

Source: Monitors Unboxed