MSI P67A-GD55 Intel P67 Motherboard Review

System Overview & Testing Procedures
We have a specific set of benchmarks and testing programs for testing out motherboards.  Just to remind you again here are the specs for our test system.

Intel Core i5-2500K Processor
MSI P67A-GD55 Motherboard
8GB Patriot Viper Xtreme Division 2 DDR3-1866 Memory
Sapphire Radeon HD 6850 1GB Video Card
Thermaltake Toughpower 1200W power supply
Western Digital 1TB SATA 6GB/s hard drive
ASUS Blu-ray drive
Thermaltake FRIO CPU Cooler
Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced Case

We will be testing the Core i5-2500K at its stock speed of 3.3GHz and then again at the max overclock of 4.5GHz.  We have our benchmarks divided into 4 different categories.

CPU Testing
SiSoftware Sandra (download)
– Processor Arithmetic Benchmark
– Processor Multimedia Benchmark
AIDA64 Extreme Edition (download)
– CPU Queen
– CPU PhotoWorxx
– CPU ZLib
– CPU Hash

System & Memory Testing
PCMark Vantage (download)
Super Pi (download)
SiSoftware Sandra (download)
– Memory Bandwidth Benchmark
– Memory Latency Benchmark
– Cache & Memory Benchmark
– Physical Disks Benchmark

Video Testing
3DMark 11 (download)
3DMark Vantage (download)
Heaven Demo 2.1 (download)
Stone Giant (download)

Gaming Testing
Alien vs. Predator (Buy)
DiRT 2 (Buy)
HAWX 2 (Buy)
Crysis Warhead (Buy)

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