MSI R4830-T2D512 OC Radeon HD 4830 512MB Video Card

Testing – Games
For gaming, I chose the titles I usually choose: Crysis, Call of Juarez, PT Boats – Knights of the Sea, and Company of Heroes: Opposing Forces.

Crysis – I still haven’t seen a benchmarking game I like as well as Crysis. There still hasn’t been a card released that can defeat this resource hog. I used the Crysis Benchmark Tool by Boris Vergiza, settings were Medium, DX10, GPU Test, 2 x AA, 1280 x 1024.


PT Boats: Knights of the Sea has some really difficult camera angle changes that bring down the min FPS on a weak card. I used the standalone demo benchmark, settings were Medium, DX10, 2 x AA, 1280 x 1024.


Call of Juarez is a demanding game, especially when running AA. I used the standalone performance test, settings were Balanced, 2 x AA, 1280 x 1024.


Company of Heroes: Opposing Forces received DX10 in a patch, and isn’t as demanding as other DX10 titles. Settings were High, 2 x AA, 1280 x 1024.


The numbers were pretty much what I expected after seeing the benchmark scores. Again, the R4830 performed just behind the HD 4850, and the overclock gave some really significant increases.