MSI RadiX AXE6600 WiFi 6E Tri-Band Gaming Router Review

Initial Setup

Getting the RadiX AXE6600 up and running is pretty easy. First connect it to power and then plug it into your modem or other device that is providing internet access. Once everything is connected press in the power button on the back of the router.

Give it a minute to power up and if you are on PC you can search for the network “MSI_XX” where the “XX” is the 2 digits of the device MAC address. From there you’ll be able to connect using the password on the back of the device. If you are using a mobile device you can scan the QR code on the back of the router which will download an app to help you complete the process.

We did our initial setup on our PC so once we were connected to the WiFi we accessed the router by going to “http://msirouter.login”. This brings up a login page where you can use the username and password on the back of the router to login successfully.

msi radix axe6600 ss1

From there you’ll be asked to create a new account, overwriting the initial account.

msi radix axe6600 ss2

Then you’ll go through the internet setup wizard which is pretty self-explanatory. You’ll also setup your wireless settings here with your SSID’s and passwords for your 3 different wireless bands.

msi radix axe6600 ss3 msi radix axe6600 ss5

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