MSI Releases Optix MAG281URF With 27.9 inch 4K Display

MSI has released a new 27.9-inch 4K liquid crystal panel with an IPS display and a dynamic contrast ratio. Though tagged with the “MAG” gaming series, it can only handle refresh rates of up to 60Hz.

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The tilting capacity is -5 to 20 degrees, the swivel level is -45 to 45 degrees, the pivot level is -90 to 90 degrees, and the height variation is 0 to 130 millimeters. A firmware upgrade feature via USB is provided, as is an illumination feature coupled with Mystic Light. The key specifications are as follows: response time of 4ms, the brightness of 300nit (standard) / 400nit (at HDR max), contrast ratio of 1,000:1, the display color of about 1.07 billion colors, and horizontal/vertical viewfinder of 178°.

MAG281URF 4k scenario

Other features include the following interfaces: DisplayPort 1.2ax1, HDMI2.0x2, USB2.0 Type-Ax2, USB2.0 Type-Bx1, earphone jack x1, etc.

The main part is 638.27 mm wide, 233.68 mm deep, 408.22 mm tall, and weighs around 7.6 kg. The main body dimensions are 638.27 mm in width, 233.68 mm in depth, 408.22 mm in height, and weigh 70.6 kg.

MAG281URF spec