MSI Reveals RTX 4070 SUPER GAMING X SLIM MLG Series With Legendary Red Design

MSI plans to enhance its forthcoming RTX 4070 SUPER lineup with a subtle modification—a fresh color design. Following the debut of its initial MLG card showcasing a Dragon-maiden theme in black and red, the previously dual-fan RTX 4060 will now be succeeded by the three-fan GAMING X SLIM series.

Currently, the MLG design is exclusively announced for the RTX 4070 SUPER, without official intentions for the 4070 Ti/4080 SUPER. This entails that the red/black design’s top-tier specifications feature the AD104 GPU boasting 7168 CUDA cores and 12GB GDDR6X memory. MSI offers two models, one with factory overclocking and one without.

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The company promotes a maximum GPU clock of 2655 MHz, adjustable through the MSI Center software, or a default 2640 MHz clock for users opting not to use the software. Alternatively, a non-OC model is available with clocks set at 2490/2475 MHz, respectively.

Crafted to occupy 2 slots, the card has dimensions of 30.7 × 12.5 × 4.6 cm, making it not the most compact option available. However, enthusiasts drawn to this design who face space constraints still have the alternative of the RTX 4060.


In contrast to the GAMING X SLIM and X SLIM WHITE, the MLG edition incorporates an extra backplate cover that attaches magnetically. When in use, this cover discreetly hides all screws, the visible GPU section, and partially obstructs the air exhaust. Though there might be a slight rise in temperatures, the anticipated effect on heat is expected to be minimal.

A noteworthy detail regarding the MSI GAMING X SLIM series (where X denotes OC cards) is that they are all initially configured with a 245W TDP. In contrast, the default TDP for the RTX 4070 SUPER SKU, as per NVIDIA specs, is 220W, and the Founders Edition has a maximum TGP of 240W. This implies that MSI cards have a 5W higher TDP than the NVIDIA FE design, even before any manual overclocking. Regrettably, MSI has not disclosed the maximum TGP for this particular design.

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The MSI GAMING X SLIM designs will come in white, black, and red colors. The RTX 4060 model was additionally offered in a green variant. It’s important to highlight that GAMING X models aren’t categorized as “MSRP” cards. Consequently, these designs won’t be featured when the initial review embargo lifts on January 16, but instead on the following day when NVIDIA lifts the embargo on all non-MSRP models. As of the initial information from US retailers, there is no mention of the MLG model yet, indicating that this particular card will likely be available at a later date.

Source: MSI