MSI Z270 SLI PLUS Motherboard Review

Overclocking on the Z270 platform is pretty much like it is on Z170. There are a couple of ways to overclock with this motherboard. You can use the MSI Command Center to enable OC Genie, which is instant overclocking. Based on the processor you have installed this board will tell you the overclock that it is going for. For our Core i7-7700K it will try and hit an overclock of 4.80 GHz. You can also enable OC Genie in the BIOS.

MSI Command Center

Of course we went into the BIOS and did custom overclocking. To do this just go into the OC menu and turn OC Explore Mode to “Expert” and go ahead and change your CPU ratio and CPU voltage. We were actually able to get our system to boot at 5.0 GHz with a VCore voltage of 1.39V, and it was stable, but the temperatures were just a little too high for our liking. So we went back down to 4.9 GHz with a VCore of 1.35V.


This turned out to be 100% stable with our temperatures in check. You could easily run this overclock 24/7.

oc 49

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