MSI Z690 Unify-X Motherboard Gets Support For Alder Lake-S AVX-512

Intel has changed its decision and disabled the AVX-512 instruction which is very confusing for everyone. Initially, Intel had made these instructions official for Alder Lake Performance cores in the official optimization guide. Now the company has changed its decision and made it clear that the AVX-512 instructions were not officially consented to.

The company has made the board makers edit the new microcode which has disabled the AVX-512 instructions.

Alder Lake AVX512

According to reports, MSI has not confirmed AVX-512 support till now, most importantly to the overclocking high-end board known as Unify-X. The editor Xaver Amberger, from Igor’sLAB has reported, that the latest A22 BIOS possesses a new function option to choose microcode either with or without AVX-512 support.

The AVX-512 instruction which is disabled now is not certainly that important to gamers. Although it can be of use to some benchmark software, such as y-cruncher. Without AVX-512, Alder Lake CPUs make use of the AVX-2 which is less power efficient and has some constraints.

Skullbringer ALder Lake AVX

The article by Xaver at Igor’sALB says that some users have found a method to inoculate AVX-512 microcode into newer BIOSes, which is particularly significant with the increasing list of DDR5 memory, systematically being tested by motherboard manufacturers.

Y-Cruncher test shows that the CPU with AVX-512 instruction enabled depicts better performance and is more power efficient. The editor has posted a new score in the y-cruncher Pi-2.5b test to HWBOT featuring the MSI Z690 Unify-X motherboard with the AVX-512 instruction enabled.

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