MSI Z790 MAX Motherboards Push Intel 14th Gen CPUs Up To 6.3 GHz

A glimpse at the latest MSI Z790 ACE MAX motherboard screenshot unveils the company’s strategy for simplifying CPU overclocking with new processors.

The Z790 motherboard MAX series refresh brings about several alterations in design, features, and connectivity. This update signifies the last iteration for the LGA-1700 platform before Intel shifts to the upcoming LGA-1851 socket. Motherboard manufacturers are keen on leaving a memorable impact during this transition phase.

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MSI is committed to streamlining overclocking for Intel K-series CPUs, likely including the forthcoming 14th Gen Core “Raptor Lake Refresh.” This fresh addition, disclosed by hardware leaker chi11eddog, may be exclusive to the high-end MEG ACE series among the Z790 MAX motherboards. Nevertheless, it underscores the promise of the upcoming platform.

It’s important to mention that the Core i9-14900K and KF variants will mark Intel’s initial CPUs achieving speeds of 6.0 GHz without falling under the “Special Edition KS” series. Presently, the only CPU in Intel’s lineup accomplishing such high clock rates is the Core i9-13900KS, which comes at a premium cost, positioning it as Intel’s top-tier desktop SKU.

The Core i9-14900K will offer a 6.0 GHz clock speed thanks to the Thermal Velocity Boost feature, catering to a broader audience, particularly those who don’t intend to overclock. Enthusiasts, however, can look forward to even greater overclocking potential, as companies like MSI suggest the possibility of achieving a 6.3 GHz frequency with straightforward 1-click presets.

MSI Z790 MAX Motherboards.jpegw3.webp

Intel’s Raptor Lake Refresh is slated for release in October, while MSI Z790 MAX motherboards are likely already available in stores. It’s worth noting that the ACE MAX variant is priced at $699, which is nearly 15% higher than the original ACE model when it was first launched.