MyGreatRecipes Launches the Most Exciting Update Ever!

One of the best recipe app is launching new exciting updates that make it better-looking and more efficient than ever!

Here are the new features MyGreatRecipes offers.

Fancy layout

The new layout keeps all the best features of the previous version – simple and unified way of presenting the recipes, without too much text, accompanied by high-quality photos and direct links to the original blogs and websites that provide detailed information, now with a more attractive look.

The biggest novelty is that when entering the site, there is more than just recipes. Besides recipes, MyGreatRecipes offers all its content in one place – collections, user profiles, and blog posts, just a fingertip away from you.

MyGreatRecipes has recently introduced the blog where our writers Laura and Emily share their tips, trick, recipes, and healthy food suggestions on a regular basis, all with the purpose to make the process of cooking even more exciting!

Another upgraded feature are the social media icons. Their new design makes sharing your favorite recipes or blog posts with your friends and family much faster and easier.


More Advanced Search

MyGreatRecipes is known for its efficient way of categorizing and ranking the recipes in order to aid your search. Now, navigation of the huge database with over 100.000 recipes is additionally facilitated with the new advanced search algorithms.

Besides categories such as holidays, movie night, vegetarian dishes, desserts, and healthy recipes, the platform now offers suggestions based on time of day to help you compile your daily menu.

Another very important feature is ‘Recipe of the day’ and ‘Trending recipes’ which constantly offer fresh, new ideas to help you decide what to cook. In addition, MyGreatRecipes provides tips and tricks for each recipe, ranging from side dish suggestions, possible ingredient substitutes, or suitable desserts that go with it.

All these features are designed to save you time and energy and allow you focus on the process of cooking itself.

Visit MyGreatRecipes to find out more and enjoy cooking!

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