Nacon Releases The RIG 600 Pro Series Gaming Headsets

NACON has introduced its first dual wireless RIG 600 PRO Series, tailored to cater to gamers’ varied connectivity requirements. With a blend of multiplatform dual wireless technology and renowned RIG acoustics and comfort, the 600 PRO stands out. It offers top-tier low-latency 2.4 GHz wireless and Bluetooth, making it the optimal selection for seamless wireless gaming across a spectrum of preferred devices like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mobile.

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Aside from its ability to work across multiple platforms, the 600 PRO truly shines in terms of performance. It features a chat-optimized microphone that cleverly tucks away into the earcup when not needed. Moreover, the built-in flip-to-mute feature adds another layer of flexibility, enabling gamers to effortlessly manage calls and team communication.Presented in a pair of variations, the 600 PRO HS caters to PlayStation users, while the RIG 600 PRO HX holds an official license for Xbox compatibility.

Featuring 40 mm headset drivers housed within a finely tuned acoustic chamber, the RIG 600 PRO offers remarkably well-balanced in-game audio. The high-sensitivity drivers with enhanced bass capabilities deliver heightened volume while minimizing distortion. Thanks to its sophisticated acoustic engineering, the 600 PRO enhances listening quality and diminishes audio fatigue, making it an ideal option for prolonged gaming sessions or extended play throughout the day.

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Weighing just 240 grams, the 600 PRO’s lightweight build showcases snap-to-fit earcups adorned with breathable fabric, complemented by a resilient, virtually indestructible cushioned headband.

Enabling Bluetooth connectivity provides access to the 600 PRO Navigator app, compatible with both iOS and Android devices. By pairing the RIG 600 PRO with a mobile device, users can enjoy advanced customization options. This includes choosing equalizer presets, personalizing audio settings, fine-tuning mic sensitivity and monitoring levels, as well as conducting headset functionality tests.

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The RIG 600 PRO is scheduled for release on September 28, 2023, with a suggested retail price of €99.99.

Via TechPowerUp