New AMD Radeon Crimson Software Locks Fans at 20%, Kill’s GPUs

Last week AMD released their new Crimson Driver software suite. This was supposed to be a big thing for AMD, but it looks like it has already been met with some controversy. Over the weekend many users reported that once they had installed the Crimson software the fan on their GPU remained locked at 20%. This change happened without the user knowing and it was discovered when the system would reboot.

AMD Crimson Software

If you were lucky your system would reboot, but a few users actually had their GPU die in the process. Here are some posts that have been floating around Reddit:




Now if you do have the Crimson software and you are experiencing this issue and your GPU has not died yet someone has posted at fix. While this fix is not terribly complicated, it does require you to do it each time you reboot your system, which can be annoying.

AMD is aware of the problem and has posted via Twitter that they will be issuing a hotfix today.


Now not all users and GPUs are effected by this issue it seems, but if you have installed the new Crimson driver I would go see how hot your GPU is running just to make sure.

Source: Softpedia | News Archive

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