New Avexir Memory Modules Show up at Computex

We have been a huge fan of Avexir memory since they first came out. Their modules offer great performance, but I’m sure many of you know them for their colorful designs which will really light up the inside of your case. At Computex they are showing a few different memory modules to go with certain motherboards, of course ones that light up and a very unique PCI-Express light accessory.


First lets start with the Core Gold. They use the same Core Series design as previous models, but have silver heatspreaders and the lights are gold (not yellow). These will match up very well with ECS’s Golden Motherboards and ASUS’s Mainline Z87 Series. These modules will be available in speeds ranging from DDR3-1333 to DDR3-2800 in 4GB and 8GB densities. You will be able to purchase them in single, dual and quad channel kits.


Next are the Platinum Red modules. These will actually lack heatspreaders, but will have tiny red LEDs lining the top. It makes for a really cool effect inside of your case. They modules are made from high-grade Elipida-made DRAM chips.


Avexir has used the same modules but strapped heatspreaders on them and an acrylic bar on the top which disburses red glow. There is also a Avexir logo on the top.


Avexir has also made custom modules for MSI’s MPower and ASRock’s Z87 OC Formula.



Finally they have the Blitz memory modules as well as Blitz PCI Express lights. These have a a fluorescent lamp on top that of course lights up. Because the fluorescent lamp needs extra circuitry the modules will be much larger than normal modules. The PCI Express version will fit in any PCI Express x1 slot or higher. So for users who want to put their x1 slots to use they can add a really cool effect inside of their case. Right now both of these products are still in developement.

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