New Intel Stock Cooler to come with 12th Gen Core Alder Lake Processors

With Intel’s new LGA1700 socket it is the first time we are seeing a change in the physical dimensions of the processor’s integrated heatspreader (IHS). With that Intel is finally going to bring a major redesign of its boxed retail cooling solution. While Intel stock coolers have seen minor redesigns over the years the pictures from the leaked slide below show us something significantly different than typical Intel stock coolers.

intel stock coolers 1

The new cooler is called “Laminar” and will have three different variants based on the TDP of the processors they are bundled with. The Laminar RH1 will be bundled with Core i9 processors that have a 65W TDP. The Laminar RM1 will be bundled with Core i7, Core i5, and Core i3 processors with a 65W TDP. Finally the Laminar RS1 will be bundled with entry-level Pentium and Celeron chips.

Not a whole lot is known about these coolers, as you notice the picture for the Laminar RH1 says “for placement only”. This means the cooler could look like nothing we are seeing in these renders. But if they are close to what they could be the top-end cooler (RH1) will have some type of LED or RGB lighting, which is far overdue for Intel stock coolers.

Another thing I noticed was that the two lower-end coolers (RM1 & RS1) have the sort of push-pin retention mechanisms that current Intel stock coolers have, while the high-end (RH1) cooler appears to have a spring-loaded bolt mechanism that could include a backplate.

Don’t expect to see these coolers in 2021 as they are for locked 65W SKUs. Intel plans to launch their 12th Gen Core Alder Lake processors towards the end of the year with only the unlocked K or KF chips which will not come with a cooler. The “locked” SKUs will only come in early 2022.

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