Much to the surprise of online cowboys across the globe, Red Dead Online has recently come out with an exciting new update that introduces “roles” into the game’s vast world. Moreover, Rockstar has announced a series of future updates that are currently in the making and will gradually be added to the game in the following months.

The roles will add another layer of depth to Red Dead Online, giving the players new objectives to work towards. Players will be able to actively shape the vibrant game world and will see the impact of their decisions in real-time.

Unlike Grand Theft Auto Online where player progression is centred around accumulating wealth, Red Dead Online will take a fundamentally different approach, which will revolve around player choices and the unique abilities of each of the three new classes.

Bounty Hunter, Trader, Collector, or a Jack of All Trades?

What we know about the addition of “roles” so far is that the update will introduce three classes to the game. Players will have the opportunity to strictly specialise in a single role or work towards advancing all of them simultaneously.

Conversely, you won’t have to “lock in” on a single role. This is great news since Rockstar stated the three initial roles are just the start of a much larger project, which aims to give players plenty of opportunities to claim their place in the game’s ecosystem. Since the previous update added Poker to the game, you might just be able to choose Gambler as your role and become as rich as the stars of famous poker movies.

This is certainly a welcome change that will likely revitalise the game. Rather than being just one of the hundreds of players on the server, you will now feel like a valued member of the game’s community.

Here’s a quick look at the three roles that will become available this summer:

Bounty Hunter — If the role of a vigilante who hunts down wanted criminals suits your preferences, you’ll enjoy playing as a Bounty Hunter. You’ll help maintain relative peace and some semblance of order within the game. More importantly, you’ll be handsomely rewarded for every criminal you bring to justice.

Collector — If killing and plundering have lost their charm, you can search for adventure in remote corners of the land, unearth ancient treasures, and gain glory and fame. Just be wary of scoundrels who might be lurking in the shadows, waiting for the right time to ambush you, steal your riches, and claim them as their own.

Trader — Players leaning towards entrepreneurship can turn their camps into trading posts and sell arms, liquor, supplies, and other various goods. Still, we highly doubt the game will accommodate a truly peaceful lifestyle. Although Rockstar didn’t share any further information, we anticipate players will be able to raid these camps, so we suggest making sure your “business” is well-guarded.

You’ll have plenty of time to think about which path you want to take. The larger content update will hit sometime during the summer, although Rockstar is yet to come out with an exact date. Until then, there are plenty of minor updates to look forward to.

New Missions and Events

Starting on May 21st, players will have access to new free roam missions and cosmetic items. A week later, on May 28th, both Free Roam and Showdown modes will be expanded with new content. Another minor update is scheduled for June 4th and will introduce another Showdown mode.

Additionally, you will soon be able to participate in the Railroad Baron Free Roam event. The main objective of the event will be raiding train cars as they transport goods across the entire map. Finally, the last minor update on June 11th will feature an abundance of new clothing items in the store as well as another Showdown mode.

All in all, there will be plenty of new things to do, see, and acquire for Red Dead Online players in the following months. Moreover, all upcoming events will be accompanied by weekly bonuses, giving you the opportunity to earn cash, gold, and care packages as well as rewarding players with increased mission payouts.

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