New Report Claims GTA VI Will Feature Gorgeous Graphics And Realistic Weather

The arrival of Grand Theft Auto VI, the next chapter in one of the most legendary video game series, generates a significant buzz, even in the early rumor stage. For those eagerly awaiting details about the story and gameplay, there’s another aspect to satisfy our primal instincts: the graphics engine.

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Despite some initial unforeseen leaks, there is now emerging information suggesting that GTA VI is poised to set a new standard for cutting-edge graphics. Realistic graphics heavily rely on advanced lighting and shadow effects, and with NVIDIA’s significant focus on technologies like ray tracing, the entire industry is embracing this trend. GTA VI is reportedly going to utilize an updated iteration of the RAGE engine, an improvement over the one powering Red Dead Redemption 2.

This enhancement will not only encompass superior lighting but also introduce dynamic, ever-changing weather conditions to enhance the overall immersive experience. Furthermore, the report also provided details on enhancements to the vehicle physics, making in-game accidents appear more lifelike.

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Enhanced graphics, physics, and realism are undoubtedly appealing, but they often come with a trade-off. Although it’s too early to determine specific release dates or hardware requirements, it’s safe to assume that GTA VI will demand robust hardware for maximum visual quality. However, there is a silver lining to this. Given that GTA VI is set to launch on various platforms, including consoles, we can anticipate a certain level of optimization for a smoother gaming experience right from the start. While this doesn’t always guarantee a seamless PC release, upscaling technologies like NVIDIA’s DLSS and AMD’s FSR might prove useful in mitigating potential performance constraints.

A September rumor also made rounds on the internet, suggesting that Grand Theft Auto 6 could be sold for $150, a notably higher price compared to most current games.

Via Rockstar Mag