Next-Gen AMD, Intel And Qualcomm Mobile CPU Details Leaked!

The Chinese content creator, known as “金猪升级包” or the Golden Pig Upgrade Pack, has revealed roadmaps from AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm. These roadmaps appear to be direct reproductions of official sources or closely aligned with both official and unofficial information. Undoubtedly, they provide valuable insights into the upcoming CPU series plans of these companies. This leak not only confirms existing rumors but also consolidates all available information into a single post, aiming to offer a side-by-side comparison of the plans of various CPU manufacturers. It’s important to note that these plans are extensive. While it’s no secret that AMD and Intel are preparing for new series with upgraded silicon, there’s also something new on the horizon.


AMD: Strix Point/Halo and HawkPoint/Rembrandt refresh

AMD is currently in the process of developing two products, tentatively referred to as Strix Point and Strix Halo, which some have also nicknamed Sarlak. Strix Point is rumored to include two core types: Zen5C (Classic) and Zen5D (Dense), while the Strix Halo chip is expected to exclusively utilize Classic cores. Moreover, it has been disclosed that the Strix Halo chip will introduce a new socket called FP11. According to information from the Golden Pig source, the Halo chip will support both DDR5 and LPDDR5X memory types, a detail not previously disclosed. In contrast, the Strix Point chip is reported to support only LPDDR5X. Both chips are expected to feature an updated AMD RDNA3.5 architecture, with 16 Compute Units for Strix Point and 40 Compute Units for Strix Halo.

AMD ROADMAP MOBILE 2024 1800x992 1

Additionally, it’s important to highlight that the upcoming Ryzen series is expected to bring refreshed options. The Hawk Point, which is built on the Phoenix chip, will reintroduce Zen4 for the mid-level segment, while Rembrandt-R (Zen3+) will continue to target the low-end market. However, based on the latest information from the leaker, there’s speculation that these products might not be included in the Ryzen 8000 series as previously believed.

INTEL: Meteor, Arrow and Raptor Lake Refresh

In 2024, Intel’s plans involve another refresh with Raptor Lake. The company is preparing to introduce a desktop CPU series featuring slightly faster chips, while the mobile series will combine next-gen Meteor Lake and Raptor Lake processors. This information aligns with previous reports from other sources, confirming that the inclusion of Meteor Lake in gaming laptops is expected to be a rare occurrence.

INTEL ROADMAP MOBILE 2024 2025 1800x906 1

Gamers can look forward to significant updates in laptop designs when the Arrow Lake series is scheduled for a 2025 launch. This new architecture will replace the Raptor Lake-H and HX models, while still retaining U-series options for the low-end market. The lineup for 2025 will consist of three distinct architectures: Arrow, Raptor, and Meteor Lakes.

QUALCOMM: The Snapdragon X

Importantly, the source also provided information regarding Qualcomm’s first Snapdragon X CPU, previously recognized as the 8cx Gen4. Qualcomm recently revealed a rebranding of their 8cx series to more accurately represent their high-end chips. The data within this chart is based on publicly available information, with acknowledgment to WinFuture, who initially reported Qualcomm’s active development of a new chip named Hamoa.

Qualcomm Snapdragon X 1

As per the details from that report, the Hamoa processor is expected to offer configurations with either 10 or 12 cores. It will incorporate integrated Adreno 740 graphics, but what’s particularly intriguing is its capacity to support discrete GPUs through its PCIe Gen4 x8 interface.

Qualcomm seems to be gearing up to deliver an impressive chip for its upcoming mobile series, featuring high-speed storage support, dual-channel LPDDR5X memory running at speeds up to 8533 MT/s, and robust video encoding and decoding capabilities. Whether this will encourage laptop manufacturers to consider ARM architecture for their future endeavors remains uncertain. Nonetheless, heightened competition in the market is consistently advantageous for consumers, as it can drive enhancements in products and provide more choices.

Via Golden Pig Upgrade