Next-Gen Flagship GPUs NVIDIA AD102 and AMD NAVI31 Might Both Consume More Than 400W Of Power

According to a new leak on Twitter, the expected next-gen flagship GPU, NVIDIA AD102 GPU, might require more than 400W. As per the leaksters: kopite7kimi and Greymon55, AD102’s power consumption might be between 400 to 500 watts. Assuming the GPU’s finalized design, the numbers are much closer to real values than they were in the past few weeks.

AMD NAVI31 and NVIDIA AD102 TDP Speculation 1

Simultaneously, a Beyond3D forum member, Bondrewd, who apparently has some insider news on AMD Navi 31, dropped clues on the card’s power requirement and the GPU’s chipset size. 3DCenter compiled all these clues and concluded that Navi 31 might be a relatively big dual-die GPU (600-650 mm² for RDNA3 compute chips alone). However, this figure does not take MCD and other tiles into account, which the GPU will supposedly use. The site calculates that the whole processor might be 800 mm² in area. Moreover, Bondrewd has shared that Navi31’s power requirement will be under 500W. Considering the GPU size, 3DCenter has concluded that TBP should be around 420 to 450W.

Chiphell’s wjm47196, has recently shared that Navi 31 has been taped out and is scheduled for Q3 2022 arrival. AMD’s CEO, Dr. Lisa, recently confirmed that only RDNA3 is on track for the 2022 launch. Unluckily, AMD’s rDNA roadmap is outdated for a long time, due to which fans have to rely on rumors when it comes to the exact launch date of new GPUs.

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There is a strong possibility that both AMD and NVIDIA will work on the power efficiency of their next-gen cards, but all rumors suggest that both the next-gen will be power-hungry.

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