NiceHash Unlocks 90% LHRv3 For RTX 3050 And 3080 12GB

The LHR (Lite Hash Rate) algorithm had been cracked by the NiceHash developers a few days ago. This is the algorithm which was implemented by NVIDIA on its famous GeForce RTX 30 graphics card. As we have it now, both the models of LHRv1 and LHRv2 are now fully unlocked through the software and there appears to be no requirement of any additional hardware.

nicehash rtx 3080 ti lhr

Talking about the LHR-RTX saga, only two GeForce cards were left including the RTX 3050 8GB and RTX 3080 12GB. Both these models feature a new variant of their algorithm and that wasn’t cracked by any developer until now. However, things have now taken an interesting turn as the updated algorithm has also been cracked by almost 90 percent as reported by Tom’s Hardware.


Those cryptocurrencies which are related to GPU mining have somewhat lost their value and they are no longer profitable to deal with. Either it’s because they are no longer profitable or they will take a long time to given any return on the investment. People are smart enough not to buy the entry-level RTX 3050 cards just because of the LHRv3 unlock.

Via VideoCardz