Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa Says Nintendo Switch 2 Recent Reports Are Not Accurate

According to Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa, certain recent reports about the Nintendo Switch 2 are inaccurate. He emphasized that the console has not been showcased behind closed doors in the past few months.

During a press conference held today following the release of the company’s recent financial results, as reported by Japanese publication The Mainichi, Furukawa-san discussed the eagerly awaited upcoming Nintendo console. He clarified that reports suggesting the console was demonstrated to specific software developers in 2022 and that it was shown behind closed doors at Gamescom this summer are not accurate. Additionally, the Nintendo president addressed a patent depicting detachable screens, suggesting that it may not be applicable to any future hardware from the company.

Nintendo Switch 2 concept Curved Labs 3

Since Nintendo has not officially unveiled the Nintendo Switch 2, Shuntaro Furukawa’s statement doesn’t come as a shock, as he could be attempting to manage rumors and excessive speculation until the company is prepared to introduce the new system. Nonetheless, there is a strong likelihood that certain developers are acquainted with some of the console’s capabilities, even if they haven’t been officially informed about them, particularly if the system is set to launch next year.

The official unveiling of the Nintendo Switch 2 is still pending. We’ll continue to provide updates on the console as soon as more information becomes available, so keep an eye out for the latest news.