Nintendo Switch 2 Now Expected To Launch In Q1 2025 According To Game Publishing Studios

Nintendo is said to be reaching out to game publishers to discuss a revised release date for the upcoming next-gen console. According to O X do Controle, the successor to the Nintendo Switch is now expected to launch in Q1 2025. This information has been confirmed by various sources, including VideoGameChronicles, EuroGamer, and Bloomberg. These reports collectively indicate a shift from the initial late 2024 launch timeline to the following year.

Insider details emerged from game publishing studios that were informed about the postponement of the next-gen console. The intel indicates that Nintendo aims to enhance the launch lineup by introducing more captivating first-party games, contributing to the decision to delay.

Last year, VCG disclosed that a demonstration of Switch 2 running Unreal Engine 5 took place. Allegedly, the handheld was exhibited discreetly at Gamescom, showcasing its capability to run the Matrix Awakens demo with NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) activated.

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The inclusion of DLSS support has been a topic of persistent rumors, particularly considering the current-gen Switch relies on NVIDIA hardware. Additionally, previous reports indicated that when docked, the Switch could achieve 4K game resolution with the utilization of DLSS.

The present-generation Switch, launched in 2017, utilizes the older NVIDIA Maxwell architecture, lacking support for NVIDIA DLSS. Despite this limitation, the current-gen handheld already incorporates contemporary upscaling technologies such as AMD FSR 2.1, as observed in games like No Man’s Sky.

According to the latest speculations, Switch 2 might employ the Tegra T239, supposedly built on the Samsung 8nm node. This processor is rumored to incorporate 1536 CUDA cores following the Ampere architecture.

According to the sources, third-party game companies were recently briefed on an internal delay in Nintendo’s next-gen launch timing, from late 2024 to early the following year.”

VCG, Andy Robinson

“The console’s launch moving into early next year – but still within the coming financial year – is designed to ensure Switch 2’s launch line-up features as many titles as possible, Eurogamer understands,”

EuroGamer, Tom Phillips

“Nintendo Co. is advising game publishers that its next-generation console will be delayed until the early months of 2025, according to people with knowledge of the matter,”

Bloomberg, Takashi Mochizuki and Yuki Furukawa

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