Nintendo Switch 2 To Feature An OLED Display Made By Samsung

According to a recent online report from Korea’s Chosun Biz, the Nintendo Switch 2 is rumored to come equipped with an OLED display manufactured by Samsung. The report suggests that Nintendo has engaged in recent discussions with Samsung Display to secure next-gen OLED panels for a range of IT devices. These talks emerged in response to allegations that display maker BOE had supposedly acquired Samsung’s OLED trade secrets, prompting swift action starting on December 1st.

Although there have been conflicting details regarding the Nintendo Switch 2’s display, today’s news leans towards supporting rumors of two distinct launch SKUs. These speculations suggest a more affordable model with an LCD panel and a pricier variant boasting a superior OLED panel.

nintendo switch 2

The official release date for the Nintendo Switch 2 remains undisclosed, making it challenging to predict. While indications hint at a late 2024 launch, there’s speculation, fueled by tech leaker Ravengus, that the console might debut earlier than anticipated. Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa’s earlier statement about a short gap between announcement and release adds credibility to the possibility of an early 2024 window, particularly if it aligns with the start of the next fiscal year in April 2024.