Nintendo Switch 2 To Feature Digital And Physical Backward Compatibility

The upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 is rumored to have both digital and physical backward compatibility, as reported by the reliable ‘Necro’ Felipe Lima of Universo Nintendo. This information is based on insights shared by Nintendo content creator and journalist PH Brazil in a recent podcast on Spotify, known for accurately predicting Nintendo’s moves in the past. Felipe notes that considering PH Brazil’s track record, there is a strong likelihood that this information will prove accurate upon the console’s official announcement.

As per PH Brazil and ‘Necro’ Felipe, the Nintendo Switch 2 is expected to support existing Switch cartridges and the digital library. Moreover, developers are reportedly given access to this capability, potentially enabling enhancements for Switch games on Nintendo’s forthcoming hardware.

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Renowned insider ‘NateTheHate‘ affirmed the backward compatibility feature of the Switch 2 on the ResetEra forums and mentioned that testing is presently in progress. Regarding the improvements in existing Switch games, the insider stated that the extent of enhancements on the Switch 2 remains uncertain at this time.

As always, approach the aforementioned information with a degree of skepticism for now. If accurate, it seems likely that Nintendo enthusiasts will rejoice in the continuity of their current Switch games on Nintendo’s upcoming platform—a rarity in Nintendo hardware history. This isn’t the first instance, though, where the potential compatibility of the new Switch with existing games has been discussed. In October of last year, Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser hinted at backward compatibility, expressing the goal of minimizing sales declines between console cycles.

Despite the absence of an official announcement from Nintendo regarding a Switch successor, current rumors strongly indicate the likelihood of a reveal happening next month.