Noblechairs Announces The Iron Man HERO Edition In Partnership With MARVEL

Noblechairs has just unveiled their very recent product line of gaming chairs designed in collaboration with MARVEL.

The all new and amazing version of the HERO chair has been inspired by different popular characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

noble chairs ironman 2 noble chairs ironman 3

The product line started off with a gaming chair inspired by the all-time famous character Ironman. The one of its kind gaming chair comes with a red base while the black and gold accents fully compliment the metal-like gloss at the front. The best gift a die hard Mr. Stark fan could ever ask for, the chair’s rear features an Iron Man’s trademark helmet along with Tony Stark’s autograph. The marvelous design of the chair is sure to make you feel like a superhero while you fight virtual battles.

noble chairs ironman 4

Its 4D armrests, with an inbuilt locking mechanism and an easy to adjust backrest for additional lumbar support, makes this edition of the Hero Gaming Chair, a luxury in its true meaning.

The Noblechairs is now taking preorders for the Iron Man Edition of the super luxurious HERO Gaming Chair. This model comes with a price tag of £424.99 / 489.90€.