Noctua Fans Review

Removing the fans and accessories from the trays you will find several similar items between them all as well as some unique ones.

Noctua Fans

In every box you will find both tool less anti-vibration mounts and standard fan screws. You will also find in every box an extension for the adapter included and a Low Noise Adapter. The adapter will effective restrict the voltage flow to the motor and mechanically reduce the fans speed and noise production.
Other items that are unique to each fan include adapters to various plug types and more restrictive noise reducers.

Each fan is enclosed in Noctua’s AAO (Advanced Acoustic Optimization) frame. These frames feature designs intended to increase airflow while reducing the noise produced by the fans. They also have anti-vibration pads to ensure there is no noise generated between the fan and case structure it is installed against.

Noctua Fans Noctua Fans

The anti vibration pads can be easily removed from the 120mm and above fans for more clearance when installing if needed.

Noctua Fans

I should also mention that the only color scheme these fans come in is brown and tan. So if you are looking for a color matching build option and want to use Noctua fans, make sure to make it brown and tan.

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