Nook Book Reading Apps Make Reading More Convenient

There are several e-reader options on the market, but only a couple of e-reader applications from which to choose. That said, the options are numerous in where and how to access e-books. However, the Nook book reading app is by far the most convenient option.

Sure, you may already have a Nook e-reader or Nook tablet, but you may not always have it on hand when you want to read. However, practically everyone in our modern, high tech society carries their cell phone everywhere they go. If you happen to have an Android smartphone, then you can download the reading application and sync your phone with your Nook, or even start a new library right on your phone. The new app was created to be multi-platform friendly. A consumer report by the Android App Show of a similar product by Amazon notes that their application downloads fine, but does not actually allow access to reading materials, essentially making the Amazon app useless. When using the app on your Android phone, you can access books that were bought via your Nook, the Barnes and Noble website, and directly through the app store.

The new Nook reading app allows you to have more space for reading materials. Having e-books is five hundred times more compact than a traditional book collection on a shelf. The typical shelf can hold around 100-250 books while a Nook Color can hold 500 and take up the space of only one book. The app gives you even more space as you can store books on your Android devices and even move books to the Barnes and Noble cloud to maintain your access while freeing up space, notes the Barnes and Noble FAQs.

Reading Options
Looking for the next good read but unsure of where to start? The Nook book reading app for Android gives you helpful resources to browse reading options, explains The news network goes on to explain that the e-reading app allows readers to view new releases and best sellers as well as books, magazines, and newspapers by category. If you like the classics, you can search via book title or author’s name. Immediately upon downloading the application and setting up your Nook account, you have access to over one million free books and three million other books for purchase. Increasing your options further, the Nook reading app offers titles at prices that are lower than those of standard print copies, so you can read more books for less money.

User Friendly Features
For those who may fear the move to technology but also want the convenience that an e-reader provides, the Nook reading apps offer some familiar attributes. For example, The Android Show notes that while reading you get the feeling of looking at a printed book. The display is that of a standard printed page and the app allows a “page turn” rather than a “swipe” motion feature to move from one page to another. You can also easily view the Table of Contents and choose to read individual chapters, just as you would in a standard book. The reading app also includes cover images and illustrations that you would get with the purchase of a printed volume; so you don’t miss out on the beauty of the book you are reading. You even have the ability to bookmark your reading materials whenever you need to stop reading, this way, the point at which you stop appears the next time you choose that book.

Like other Android applications, the Nook book reading app largely responds to one touch commands. This feature makes the application simple for children to use. You can set up your Nook account with separate profiles, allowing your child to have their own profile and enjoy reading on the go. Since the Nook reader app has numerous interactive children’s books, the kid-friendly nature of the app is convenient for parents.

Nook book reading apps for Android make it easy for you to take your library wherever you go. With access through your phone or tablet you can carry fewer devices and still have the convenience of having entertainment and education materials right at your fingertips. The app is particularly nice for those who want the vast library offered through the Barnes and Noble Nook, but do not have the funds to purchase a new device. The app is user friendly, free to use, and gives readers access to millions of reading materials in a compact, well organized format that helps broaden your reading horizons. Even if you have a Nook, the new app can be useful as it can give you more space to expand your e-book library.

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