Client Communication Using Video Conferencing Technology

Client satisfaction is based on good communication for the most part. Operating a business in an age when competitors are saturating the Internet with advertisements on multiple platforms and vying for attention, you need to stay up to speed with the latest innovations in communication, and that is currently video conferencing. According to a report published by TechNavio, analysts predict that the cloud-based video conferencing market will grow at a CAGR of just over 39 percent by 2019. Now’s the time to hop on the bandwagon.

1. The Basics of Communication
First of all, you need to know how to effectively communicate to clients. Although these pointers may seem obvious, a refresher is always good.

Forbes reports that, according to communication experts, the best way to start a conversation is to give your listener three essential pieces of information. They’ll want to know if the talk will be unpleasant, the length of time they’ll need to interact, and what you want as the speaker at the end of the conversation. One of the best ways to accomplish these simple goals is to utilize Client Interaction with Bluejeans Network. BlueJeans is a video conferencing provider that offers communication solutions that are flexible and easy to use for small to large businesses. Due to the fact that video conferencing functions on a face to face basis, planning out important client conversations is easier than ever, since it’s similar to having a regular in-person meeting.

2. Superior Customer Service
One thing you can expect to find while dealing with a client is that they’ll always want to know exactly what’s going on, and will expect you to communicate this information succinctly. According to Entrepreneur, one of the key tactics you can employ to provide the best client satisfaction and service possible is to practice effective listening, which includes eye contact and nods that let the person know you’re listening.

These two visual cues are part of body language, and one of the number one ways that human beings understand each other. While e-mail may suffice for delivering basic messages to your clients, oftentimes putting a face to the message not only gets the information across better, but also provides a sense of personality. Clients don’t want to deal with a faceless entity and not understand the tone of what you’re trying to convey. Video conferencing makes it possible to utilize these visual clues that are so essential to way that human beings interact, both in business, and on a general interpersonal level.

3. When and Where to Use Video Conferencing
Video conferencing isn’t always going to be necessary, but it’s now used more frequently due to the fact that the systems offered are far more user friendly than in the past. Using video conferencing is especially useful for companies that conduct business over long distances. While you may be working in an office and need a simple solution to avoid making a trip across town for an on-site meeting with other colleagues, some professionals are working with partners in other countries. Video conferencing not only potentially widens the pool of available talent when you’re hiring, but allows faster and more efficient communication with both clients and coworkers.

4. What Clients Expect
The truth of the matter is no matter how large or small your company is, your clients are going to expect the most cutting edge technology and communication solutions. There’s nothing more unnerving to a client who’s chosen your company over all of your competitors to have a negative experience with a lapse in communication or technical issues. It makes your business look sloppy, outdated, and ineffective, which is ruinous when building client confidence should be one of your top goals. The more satisfied and confident a client is in your ability to deliver dependable communication right alongside excellent services, the more likely that you can expect repeat business.

Therefore, coming up with a communication system that’s solid and dependable is absolutely essential. If you do a lot of business over long distances, then having a video conferencing service is more important than ever. Clients don’t want to just see your name in their e-mail inbox alongside your business’s URL. Today, there’s a face to face component expected, and that’s what you need to deliver in order to meet current client expectations and demands.

Communication is a building block of effective and excellent customer service, which is what keeps your clients coming back. Finding a reliable company to do business with is difficult, so if your customer has a good experience, they’ll undoubtedly return in the future. The best thing about investing in video conferencing technology, though, is that it maximizes your communication in ways that no other type of technology can. Given how flexible, affordable, and user friendly it’s evolved to be, it’s one of the wisest investments you can make for your company.

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