Computer Technology Transforms Industries


Technology has quite literally penetrated every aspect of our waking lives. Whether it’s cutting edge new tech that aspires to improve our health, fitness, our work or our business activates, whole industries have been revolutionised over the last few decades and that trend looks set to continue. As we emerge out of the global economic crisis that has marred the last decade, we take a look back at how some industries have been affected by the rise of the computer- ‘the technological revolution’.

In an industry that predominantly requires a human touch when it comes to food preparation and other culinary aspects there are still many areas of the restaurant industry that have benefited from technological evolution. Aside from the great advances in appliances to aid efficiency in the kitchen, other aspects of the dining experience have also been improved. Thanks to the smartphone, potential patrons can now discover new and exciting restaurants at the tap of a screen as well as taking the opportunity to make a quick table booking. With the launch of Apple Pay, and other mobile-based payment facilities, you can now even take care of the bill more swiftly and conveniently than ever before without having to even open your wallet.


Sadly the high street video rental industry has long gone mostly due to the emergence of web. Even though you can still rent and receive DVDs via post as many of these companies have attempted to evolve, it’s the online streaming market that has really changed how we consume digital entertainment. With Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, Amazon Prime and many other streaming subscription services you can now view thousands of hours’ worth of TV and movies on many of your devices.

Internet connections are constantly changing and Wi-fi speeds are becoming incredibly quick allowing us to download or stream huge quantities of data more rapidly than ever. And gaming is one such industry that has continued to thrive on the back of the technological revolution. Casinos have now adapted their services, tailoring their offerings for smartphone and tablet users as well as traditional PC gamers. The prominence of the bingo hall has faded, making way for the upsurge in bingo sites that are now present on the web. All this has meant that these industries have been experiencing increased revenues thanks to the wider range of potential players that they are now able to reach across the world.

It seems like a long time ago since CD’s began replacing vinyl but it’s been over the past decade or so that technology has significantly induced transformational change in the music industry. The digital age now means that music fans can download and stream music in real time and enjoy all their favourite artists at the touch of a screen. In recent weeks Apple have launched their very own streaming service to go up against market leaders Spotify and who knows how technology will further evolve in the coming years.

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