Games That Are Better Thanks To Technology


Technology has helped mold and shape many aspects and factors of our modern lives. There aren’t many industries or markets that haven’t been touched somehow by developments in technology or have had special electronic innovations bought in to help make things more convenient for consumers. Even classic board games have had a virtual makeover in recent years, bringing your dusty old collection of retro games in to the 21st Century. With that in mind, we’ve been inspired to look at some digitally revamped classics.

One of the most successful board games in history is of course the popular property trading game Monopoly. The basics of the game itself have remained pretty much the same for decades now and variants across a range of different niches have spawned. Monopoly already boasts a number of versions based on popular themes and franchises such as Hello Kitty, Star Wars, The Simpsons, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who and many, many more.

Now smartphone and tablet users can get in on the action without even having to break out the board and the fiddly houses and hotel pieces. All the classic locations and properties are available in the virtual mobile-based game that allows you to play against other Monopoly users or even to go up against friends and family via Bluetooth. Even if you can’t find a friend to play along with you can always tackle the computer itself, what more could you ask for on a rainy day.


Casino- based games have took the mobile gaming market by storm in recent years with more of us turning to our mobile devices to enjoy all the glamorous action. Whilst bingo in its traditional form is suffering from a sharp decline, the game is making a big comeback online with attractive low cost tickets buy-ins as well as great special introductory sign-up offers attracting more and more players. UK bingo in particular is thriving once more thanks to the advent of the tablet and smartphone, making it easier than ever to call house!

With virtual games such as ‘Words with Friends’ proving extremely popular with mobile gaming fans in recent years, more and more of us have been inspired to keep our brains refreshed so it’s little wonder that the ultimate word- related board game has also received a virtual do-over. Scrabble already enjoys a number of worldwide professional tournaments and is a great way to game with friends. Now available in all app stores, Scrabble Free allows you to play up to 25 games simultaneously so you’ll never be short of tile-based action.

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