Now browse restricted internet sites using Lantern

With an increasing number of governments and organisations restricting web access, it has become essential to find a way to bypass these restrictions. For this purpose, we can now use proxy servers.

Also known as an application-level gateway or proxy these servers act as a conduit between a local and large-scale network. E.g. a server that acts as a link between your computer the World Wide Web.

The three main types of proxies include:

  • Forward: These are the standard category and serve as an intermediary between a home computer and a wide network.
  • Reverse: these serve as a link between the Internet and a smaller server group. E.g. a reverse proxy server could be the intermediary between a LAN network and a corporate
  • Open: Also knows as public proxy these are accessible to any user online and are generally free to use.

In short, a proxy is a link between a user and the server from which the user makes a request. The proxy acts on the request and will search in its own local cache for the webpage. If found it returns the result without having to send the request the web. If the local cache does not have the web page it hooks up with the web to get the content. It does not, however, use your personal IP address. The proxy uses any of its own IP addresses to locate content that is then sent back to the user. At no time is the user aware of the process and it seems like having regular direct access.

Now you can gain access to restricted web browsing using a new application that will help to bypass any restrictions and offer unlimited browsing access. The exciting new Soft Famous Lantern allows unlimited access to all blocked websites so that you can enjoy uninterrupted browsing. The installation process of the app is simple and it needs for the user to have a Chrome browser. Once you download the app the wizard appears to guide the user in completing the installation.

An added perk of the application is t enables a user to help friends using the same application and its functions as long as they use a Google account. It uses an international IP address to gain access to restricted websites and bypasses any restrictions. No need to bother yourself any more about being unable to access websites that have restricted access from your part of the world. All you need is to have this application downloaded on your computer and you are good to go. The best part is that it is free to use.

This is possible as it belongs to the anonymous proxy category and has a shareware license. It works with Windows 32-bit and 64-bit platforms and if free to use its trial period ends. The demo version downloads if a free to use software for all. However, there are certain restrictions in comparison to the paid full version.

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