NVIDIA AD102 GPU Is Twice As Fast as RTX 3090 in Control

Rumors have started pouring in related to the full AD102 GPU, which should not be confused with the RTX 4090 non-Ti. It has now come to our knowledge that the full GPU is equipped with a total of 18432 CUDA cores, making the count 12% higher than the RTX 4090 specs. We are thinking this might be the flagship RTX 4090 Ti model which we saw during one of the very early cooler design leaks a couple of months ago. Since we know that NVIDIA also has plans to release a new TITAN this time, it remains unclear which exact model this could be.

@XpeaGPU, which is known as ‘a hunter of fake leaks’ has said that the full AD102 GPU has more than 160 frames in game Control. This can be achievable with the 4K resolution after enabling ray-tracing and DLSS. There is one thing that syncs perfectly well with what we got to know during the previous rumors – the sample comes with a high-power draw, showing that the full GPU consumes up to 800W.

There are still many missing parts to this. We have no idea about the exact game settings and it remains unclear whether or not the Ada makes use of a new generation of Tensor cores, boosting the DLSS. The TDP and clocks of the graphics cards are also a mystery till now. Regardless, we do know the performance of the flagship RTX 30 series and we must say that the results have been pretty impressive. Depending on which DLSS profile is chosen, the results show at least 2 times better performance.

Via VideoCardz