NVIDIA All Set to Sell $30 Million Worth Of CMP Series Mining Cards To A Bitcoin Mining Corporation

Many discussions have taken place regarding NVIDIA’s CMP series mining cards, but there was no news about who will purchase the cards but now it looks we know who the potential buyer is. One of the largest and oldest Bitcoin mining companies, Hut 8 Mining Corp, has placed a $30 million order for CMP mining cards.

NVIDIA CMP H hero 1536x450 1

NVIDIA will start delivering the CMP mining cards in May of 2021, and Hut 8 has plans to install cards by summer. The company will witness a 1600 Gigahash mining capacity with this purchase. Speaking in terms of consumer GPUs, almost 13333 RTX 3090 will be required for the 1600 Gigahash capacity where each card has a 120 MH/s hash rate. The company will also use these cards for its blockchain network venture.


Unfortunately, Hut 8 has not revealed any details about their order, but our wild guess is that they might have ordered the CMP 90HX and the rumored CMP 220X.