NVIDIA And AMD Are Planning To Launch ARM-Based Processors For PCs

Insiders who have knowledge of the situation have revealed to Reuters that NVIDIA is actively involved in developing PC processors using ARM architecture. These forthcoming NVIDIA ARM CPUs are expected to provide compatibility with the Windows operating system. This strategic entry into the CPU market aligns with Microsoft’s considerable push to enhance ARM architecture support for its systems. This report comes at a time when Qualcomm is on the verge of introducing its Snapdragon X Elite processor for PCs.

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The report also reveals that NVIDIA is not the only player in the race to adopt ARM technology for PCs. Their chief competitor in the discrete GPU market, AMD, is also exploring these solutions, as confirmed by additional sources mentioned in the Reuters report. This information was previously reported by SemiAccurate.

Nvidia has quietly begun designing central processing units (CPUs) that would run Microsoft’s Windows operating system and use technology from Arm Holdings, two people familiar with the matter told Reuters.

— Reuters, Stephen Nellis and Max A. Cherney

The report prominently highlights Apple’s growing market presence with its ARM-based processors, which are now used in-house for the macOS operating system, following the discontinuation of Intel CPUs in their products.

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At present, Qualcomm holds exclusive rights for the development of ARM-based processors for Windows. However, this exclusivity agreement is set to expire next year, which explains the increased interest from both NVIDIA and AMD.

It’s important to note that NVIDIA has previous experience in developing ARM-based processors, exemplified by their Grace Hopper ‘supercomputer.’ Nonetheless, it’s crucial to mention that this specific product is not intended for consumer use.

Via Reuters