NVIDIA Could Be Making Its Return To Apple Computers

It looks like NVIDIA could be making their return to Apple Computers. Current Apple Mac computers are powered by graphics chips from AMD, and they have been for a while now. NVIDIA graphics has not been an option for Apple Mac users for some time now. Well it looks like that might change soon, NVIDIA has just posted a job for a software engineer in which their role would require “working in partnership with Apple” and writing code that will “define and shape the future”’ of graphics-related software on Macs.


There are actually three current job listings on Nvidia’s database referencing Apple, with the latest one appearing just last week. All three of the job listings cite software development for the Mac, while one specifies an NVIDIA Mac graphics driver team, pointing to the potential of NVIDIA graphics making their return to Apple Mac computers.

Currently AMD really does not have a graphics chip to compete with NVIDIA’s GTX 1080 and GTX 1070. Apple, who might want to get into the gaming scene since it is so popular could be turning to NVIDIA for their high-end graphics chips. They could also turn to NVIDIA for high-end SOCs and mobile graphics chips.

I guess only time will tell, we will keep you updated once we know more!

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