NVIDIA GeForce “Ampere” Graphics Cards to be Built on Samsung 8mm?

It appears as if NVIDIA’s upcoming GeForce “Ampere” family of GPUs will be built on Samsung’s 8nm silicon fabrication process instead of TSMC’s 7nm process. This information comes from Twitter user kopite7kimi, who has had a good history of NVIDIA leaks.

rtx 3080 ti

Samsung’s 8LPP silicon fabrication node is an extension of their 10LPP (10nm) node. Both 10LPP and 8LPP have the same fin pitch, but reductions were made in the areas of gate pitch (down 6%) which gives 8LPP a transistor density of over 61 million/mm².

NVIDIA’s entire high-end product stack, including the GA102 which will power at least three high-end consumer SKUs will be based on Samsung 8LPP.

Via kopite7kimi (Twitter)

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